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The foreign friends in English will be entrained spoken?

my language is Chinese ,but in my country different place have different dialects.Is this situation in foreign countries also have?



Yes. Many languages and countries have differences, ranging from different accents through to different dialects. Dialects developed in areas that were geographically distinct, during times when travel between those areas was difficult and infrequent. I think that modern communication is rapidly blurring the distinctions between dialects, except where local communities work hard to preserve their dialect. I thought that in China, there were actually completely different languages, as well as different dialects? Cantonese in particular seems to be a quite different language, rather than a dialect. A western example that I am familiar with, is the Shetland Islands. They are a group of islands which are part of Britain, and situated between Scotland and Norway. The language is basically English, but it has a very strong accent, and has many different words in common use that come from both Scotland, and Scandinavia. There are (or at least were) regional differences in French and German. Swiss German sounds very different to 'real' German.

Yes there is swiss German, Austrian German, and in Bavaria they speak differently from Northern Germany. They have many similarities, such as the spelling, but are pronounced differently. In america we don't have many different dialects. We have slight difference in prounounciation from North, South, East, and West, but there is usually one correct way to say something. However, Brittish English is different then American English. Spanish is different in Mexico, south america, spain, and it goes on and on.

Thank you very much,but my English is poor,so I can't very fast to understand,but I will try the best to understand your view.

Of course yes, since they're born in different places and according to their ancestors who created their own dialects and lived there for long time ago, in my opinion.

Actually , there are numberous languages being  in danger of extinction , dialects which are not spoken widely would face the remarkable impact of extinction .

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