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which is the most important in learning English?

i want to learn English,but now my English is poor ,i will be happy if you can give me some advice



Use all the possible ways in front of you to learn it! You have to learn all the four basic skills: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking and each one of them you have to find your own way of learning to be good at it.

Well :D I will give you some advises.. The most important thing is you must find that you love English. I mean, you REALLY wanna learn English :D The target  must be reading English book, watching English films, speaking English fluently, writting English...not TOEIC, IELTS or score :D


I think reading and listening are important than writting and speaking. The first you should do when you learning English is reading and listening, everytime, everywhere if you can, of course :D

Because reading and listening are input sources, and writting and speaking are output sources. If you wanna speak fluently, write essay, you must have vocablulary, you must pronounce exactly...

You can read some book that you like and use dictionary to find the meaning word, you can hear and listen to songs, audio, you can see film. And you have to remember  that you should choose things that you like in English :D: Your english favourite songs, your english favourtive books, your english favourite film... :-P

You can let try Effforless English, it is very effective, you can fine "Efforless English" in google :D


I hope that one day you can speak English fluently :D Bye bye


Learn as much Volcabulary as you can. Then is structures of the sentence. I hope it is helpful.



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