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what is the fastest way to learn a language ?

what is the fastest way to learn a language and how  ?




There is no special formula but PRACTICE consistently every day.

If you put in a few hours of practice each day, you will see results. If you are motivated and enthusiastic about language learning, then you will have a reason to continue learning even throughout the difficult times.

There is no fast route to fluency, but here are a few tips: Have conversation with native speakers, watch many video clips, read about topics you like and attempt to write in the target language.

For me ,studing harder and harder and being intrested in it

In my opinion ,the best way is to comunicate with everybody.

The most important is a motivation, looking for people who have same goal as you = encouragement, to attend a language school is very helpful too, specially for beginnig. Soo the fastest way is to jump into water of language and to swimm at least two hours a day. If you swimm more hours it will be only better for you.

If there is not a lot of work behind, there is no special formula that helps you learn a new language in an easy way.

You must CHOOSE  the suitable menthods :D

I have learned English for 7 years but my English is so badddd, I don't know that what's intonation, what's accent, how to speaking English fluently. All things that I know in that time is "How are you, I am fine, Thank you..." and some simple vocalbulary :3 My pronunciation was so bad == :-D

But I have improved my English for 6 months by my suitalbe menthods. In this time, I can talk to foreigner in normal conversations, I can listen audio quite clearly, I can write a comment for u :D I think sometimes I will have mistakes, but it's not important :D

I think the most important thing in your learning a new language is you really really wanna learn it.

The first you should listen, listen, listen, listen and read, read, read...Remember that you must find your favourite songs, favorite audios, favortie movies in the language that you wanna learn, of course :-P The more you listen, the more you can pronounce exactly and your listening skill will be improve, I bet . The more you read the more you get vocabulary. Beside, you should learn how to pronounce exactly :D

The second  is practing everyday, everywhere :D




Simply put, I'd say REGULARITY! Regular practice will get you where you want to be very fast. 

Whether you decide listening to music, watching tv, reading books or whatever it may be that helps you it very regularly (everyday/every other day/ twice a day) and you'll see results :)

Pratice and make correction by native speaker maybe the fastest way to learn.

thnax for all ^_^

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