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Do you love your country ?



I am living in Ukraine. I love my country very much. Because  this is a place where I was born.

I love America. There are so many amazing places to visit and different cultures that make up our country. Our government quality is lacking however. I don't like people to think most of Americans are selfish and money hungry because that is not so.

sure i love jordan so much i am proud to be jordanian

I love my country too.Because There are lots of places here to visit.

Of course i love my country.I like our culture,history,traditions...i love Serbia.:)

I too love my land, and I love it with all my heart:  the United States of America.


 I was born in Uruguay,from inmigrants parentes.I love my country,and I´m very proud to be Uruguayan.


Yes I do ^_^

I'm Vietnamese. I love my country, of course. I think it's natural. In my country there are my family,my friends, my neighbours...Vietnam is a small beautiful country, Vietnamese are friendly :D Welcom to my country :D

I love my country just like I love my family, though I don't like something which happens in China.

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