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Looking for someone who speaks/wants to speak Korean!

Hi my name is Milly (밀리) and I'm looking for someone who either 1. wants to learn English or just chat and can help me with the Korean language or 2. someone who wants to learn Korean who wants to practice back and forth.


My Korean isn't good enough to have a full on conversation, but I learn more and more every day and learn how to say at least one sentence in korean every day. 


안녕하세요. 처음 뵙겠습니다? 처는 밀리입니다~ ㅇㅅㅇ

음... 음... 아! 내가 음식 좋아해요! 좋아 좋아!! 베이컨와 빵와 극와 초콜렛와 핫초코와 밥와! 지금 배고파요... ㅠㅅㅠ

조는 예술가입니다~ 미술 진짜좋아해요. 음... 조는 미극사람이에요. 조는 16살 이에요~ 예, 학생입니다~

알았어! 안녕히계세요~ ㅇㄱㅇ/


(it may seem like my korean is small conversation level but I only remembered a little over half how to say it and I had to look up how to actually write almost all of it) (also i probably will ask questions frequently, so I hope that doesn't offput anyone!)


Alright, thanks for reading~



Hi Milly,


Your writing kill in Korean is fine. I see some mistakes though. I can understand what you mean :)

If you need help to improve your Korean language skill, I can sometimes help you whenever I get a chance. Since I am expecting to graduate this year. I may have a lot of time ..I have to get a job though.. :P


I like klimt by the way. You know what I mean.




저는 브룩이에요. 그런데 제 한국어 이름은 예은이에요. 만나서 반가워요~


I've been studying the language for only 8 months but I'd love to have someone to practice what I've learned. I've been mostly studying the grammar lately and so my vocabulary isn't the best right now.


I'm quite comfortable in writing, typing and reading and with much of the basic introduction phrases. However, with speaking I'm not as comfortable using it but it is getting better. I meet with a local group to practice once a week but would like to practice more often and feel confident with my listening and speaking skills.


I don't mind answering questions about the basics or teaching them to you. It'd reinforce what I've learned.


밀리씨, 화이팅~!

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