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What is your earliest strong remembrance?

I definetly remember how I walked with a doll which was taller than me - I was only two years old. It was such a joy! 

I was impressed to know that my friend remembers her life since an even earlier period of life: she rememberes her impressions from lying in her carriage and seing faces of adults who bended to greet her! It means, she can remember the time when she was just one year old or even younger...

So, what about you? ;)



My earliest memmory is being a baby and having my grandmother and aunt hold me in the back of a car. I just remember looking up at their faces. I must have been one or so who knows. Then I only remember being three/four and eating in my high chair and going to pre-k. I remember a lot about pre-k.


I remember sitting in the sand on the beach down the road from my house. We only stayed there till we were 2 so it had to be before that. 

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