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What is the dilicious food in your counties?

I like traveling ,eat dilicious food .So I want to know every food in your conutry.




I'm from Saudi Arabia 

We have alot of dilicious food 

Wa have khabsa it is so dilicious dish(rice with meat)

Qrsan it is also dilicious (vigtabels with meat )

And arabian coffee I love it so much 

especially with chocolate ♥♥




Hello. I'm from Iran. we have a'lot of dilicious food. I think iranian's foods are so dilicious. some of these foods are : Qorme sabzi, Kebab , Abgusht and.... I think you should travel to Iran and taste our dilicious foods.


Hello!I from china I want to make friend with you~ Tian Jin dilicious food have Gou buli steamed bun.

I am from Türkiye and we have a lot of delicious meal. Espacially our Mantı, İçli köfte and Turkish Kebab as you know. also, our deserts famous in all over the world for example: Baklava as you know :) Höşmerim, Kadayıf, Lokma, vezir parmağı

Here in my country every city has their own delicacies but everyone love this two foods even though many has died because of eating this, it is quite unhealthy hehe:


Letchon baboy



Most common Street foods: 




I'm from Russia, and in my country is very difficult to choose one thing we have so many different dishes drawn from other cultures. But if you come to Russia then you should definitely try borsch, hodgepodge, pancakes,gingerbreads and stuffed cabbage. Maybe you want to try and genuine russian vodka.


I'm from the United States and American food is a little hard to describe. Because so many different cultures have influenced our country, our food is like a mix of all cultures. I guess you could say that our country is more famous for fast food and eating out---takeout is very popular here. Like I am crazy about Mexican, Asian cuisine and Italian. Americans love burgers, hot dogs, apple pie, nachos, french fries, and a lot of other things. Our food has originated from other countries but we make our own variation of it, like pizza comes from Italy but we have Chicago style pizza.

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