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Let's get some fun . . . . . . (o_O)

For me,

@ I love to eat :))
don't worry I am not fat, I love to play sport too,

@ I love to sing with myself, not because of I am a bad singer of course :))

@ I love to write stories, maybe I will publish one of my stories in italki later,

@ I love to fight with my friends about who will pay for food, maybe because I am the one who pay most of time, Just kidding of course :))

@ I love to watch movies, Horror Movies, to regret later :))
Sometimes romantic movies, to . . . . . . What ?!!! crying ?!!! who said that ?!!!
I am a man people, maybe a little tears sometimes, just a little ^_^

@ I love to call my friends in midnight :)))))) & say stupid things like ( what do you want from me in this time ? )

@ I love to read soooooooooooooo much, But I always forget what I had read . . . Oh!

@ I love to imagine myself in the most beautiful love story in the history,
but I still looking for my girl who will be the main character of my story,
I know I know, how romantic I am ^_^

@ I love playing chess, believe me you can't defeat me,

@ I love to beat my brother, come on don't judge me, what I can do, he love that too,
ok ok, I think we must stop watching WWE RAW :))))))

I love . . . . . . . . . . . . I love a lot of things,

What about you ?

What do you always do to get fun ?

BTW, after saying ( who is this silly man, don't forget to correct my language )



hi ,i'm heiner ~~i wish can  nice talk with you 

It's a pleasure for me to talk with you heiner :)

but where is your answer about FUN?

you don't get FUN or what?

Come on, tell me,


well i also like to eat ;

watch movies (romantic) and i like to read books (realism)

i like to write poetry

i like to listen to the elders' stories and write them

i like to study physics

i'm sarah by the way nice to meet you

ps: you are funny





Thanks Sarah for your beautiful words :)

Honestly, I don't think I am funny,

I just want to make people here get some fun during learning & practicing language,
because I was noticed that there are a lot of discussions here make people fighting & attacking each others, which make me feel bad,

P.S. There are a lot of fun in your life, lucky you :)

finally, I will add one more item to my list :

@ I love to meet Good & Friendly people like you :)

Nice to meet you too, Best of luck :)

I like to read some rare discussions like this one.

Good to know that I am not the only one who hate people fighting & attacking each other.

I like to read books, listen songs, cooking, sleeping, watching movies, playing games, roaming here and there, irritating my brother... and many more I am just an ordinary girl doing many random things just for fun.

Thanks Heli, you are welcome here :)

& how amazing things that you like,

& Hating people fighting & attacking each others ( High Five ),

& Irritating your brother, OH . . . it's really funny, isn't it?

Sound's a lot of fun in your life, lucky you :)

Good time of day. I am new man on this site.  I start to observe discussions and find this one. Well...

I love my job.

I love the sky.

I love my girlfriend.

I like good sort of music.

I like to read books.

I like sport.

Thanks Vitaly, you are welcome here :)


and welcome in ITALKI too, you will get alot of fun here, and a lot of language too,


but SKY, sound's dangerous,


but I think still a lot of fun up there,

Captain :)


Hello. It is so interesting to know that from all over the world people's interestings are common) 

I love to sleep, maybe because I spend a little time for sleeping. Also I love to cook my favourite dishes. I adore to read, I read a lot. And I love to watch different kind of movies, esp. fantasy.

Thanks Indira :)

& of course Sleeping,

Oh . . . How could I to forget this one ?!!!

I think I can delete all my list & keep just Sleeping .

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