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...road to London...

Hi all, i have to go to London for the next six week, i'm going to do a business english course, to have the opportunity to improve my english, so if any one have some advices about life in London, or museum/place to see during that time, all advices are welcome....(also advices about place to eat something or cheap supermaket...)...thank you in advance...



I don t have any advise ,,I just want to wish you to have a nice trip and enjoy..  I dream about  being  in London,,( hope to be there soon )    GOOD LUCK 

Thank you so much Yan, very kind from you...but from my statement some time passed, so at november i went to London, my company sent me there to an english course, so i had the possibility to stay there for 2 months, i came back just at the end of december....honestly i can say, my goal was to remain there for some years and make an important experience, but maybe in my future...during these 2 months i can say was a great experience for me....London is so beautiful and cosmopolitan city...i hope to return...who knows...:)....

LOL !!!!!!!! I have just noticed the date you posted your discussion.....I laughed a lot ,,:)))) thanks

ahahah, yes ok, so, i saw your dream about London, and i want to return maybe next time we will meet there ...:)

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