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A book that changed me

I read a book that changed my view of the world 7 years ago . With you something like this happened?





not yet

can you tell me the name of the book


sarah lorane,the name of the book Picture of Dorian Gray.I do not know whether it would have the same effect, but I'm sure you will like it.

yes your completely  ritht book is only our friend can change us and never become tired to talking with us.

My mother used to accuse me of having a picture of myself hidden in the attic that aged while I stayed young.  Seriously, I took care of myself and by the time I was twenty, my mother was cruel to me about how young I looked.

That is a great book!  Google "Oscar Wilde quotes" , a lot of the quotes he has, some are from teh book, have an equal effect of seeing the world through another set of eyes.

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