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Business idea: editing English essays

I just started to edit some English essays for friends of a friend. They are in a Master's program in Spain, and they come from various countries. Most of them do not speak English as their native language. I offered to edit their papers, and I found the work to be pretty good. I don't earn a lot of money (I can't charge much, as students tend to be fairly poor), but it is enjoyable and I learn a lot.


I think about all the English learning that happens in China, and my question for a discussion is this: Do you think it would be possible to expand beyond just 3 or 4 friends of a friend? Would it be possible for me to connect with university students in China and in other coutnries and to make a small business out of editing their papers? Maybe to charge 10 RMB per page?


Do you think that this could be a realistic thing to do, or would it be a waste of time for me?



In my understanding of both Chinese situation and your consideration, I don't think it's the best way for you to develop your business in China. As I know, there is a potential valuable market in Chinese big cities which from audlts but not students. They are eager to improve their Egnlish level, especially spoken Enlish by personally teaching. You can search kinds of related websites to gain more information.


From high scholl to college, we have different kinds of English paper already recommended to students in China.


But i think you idea is pretty good. Maybe you can try to edit some small paper for kids. In my city , young couples are willling to spend more money on early childhood education, especially in language learning. So maybe you can think about editing kid's paper which are easy for parents to read and teach.

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