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How often do you try to compare yourself with other people and why?



dont know but i have to say that i really like your answers

I often compare myself to others career-wise. If it's obvious that someone else is working harder then me I try to step up my game. It's not as much as a competition as though I don't want people to think I'm lazy or worse I myself feel like I'm lazy. Also, when I here someone else speak their second language wonderfully it makes me jealous and I strive to practice harder.

I don't try to, but I am sure i inadvertently, and possibly subconsciously, do it.

I never compare myself with anyone and I hate it when people compare themselves with me and get jealous.

Yes, Naatasha,  I am always comparing myself with other people.


I have found  that I am much more courteous and honest than most other human beings.

I'm usually told to look on others, act "as all do", but I think that it doesnt make any sence. Why should I compare myself to anyone else? They are they, and me is me (sorry, not sure that this phrase is correct), noone should care about strangers opinion (while its not a life threat, ofc).

In psychology there is a rule that says "no comparison with others is half the self-confidence" so i do not compare myself with others, sometimes i follow great persons to learn successful ways.

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