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As soon as you earn your money , to spent ? or to save your money ? Which is correct ?

I was a trainee.As soon as I earn my money , I used to spent. :)



I have a kid to take care of so I have to spend my money on bills and food. A lot of my money goes towards living but whatever I have left I save. We are moving next year and I'm saving for school, I also want to travel so the only money I spend on myself is for cookbooks which I have an addiction with.

Usually economists say we have to save almost 10% of our money, even if we don't have any plan for that money yet. I agree with them, because we never know when we're going to need an extra money for an emergency, and by another hand, if the amount gets too big :) you can use it for anything that gives you pleasure, such as taking a trip or getting a new car or whatever.


Spent on necessary things and save the remaining.


some for what you want to do

most for saving untill you have much more money than's time to spend it in enjoying

It's a good idea.

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