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Guru Bahasa Inggris


I will write this in English to be quick.


My question is, how are you mahasisiwa yang Indonesian finding your professional English lessons here on Italki?


I have looked at some of these 'guru' and they don't seem to have good English skills, nor good grammar.


I hope that you are not paying uang for bad lessons from these people.


Please feel free to bicara tentang ini di sini, and I can maybe help with some English questions these "guru males" have not helped you properly with.


Please do not lose money to bad teachers - find a good language exchnage partner, or a good teacher di sini.



To be honest, I don't and will not pay money for lessons over the internet.
I prefer to have a teacher with whom I can meet. It's more comfortable :)
So I didn't meet with the teacher labeled "Guru Males"


Good work. Some of these teachers really only have low qualifications. Language exchnage partners are much better for learning. 

I am learning English with my own. I decided to use languange excange method is for another aproaching to my learning English tecnique.

And I've found that very helpfull for me.


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