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How to learn English effectively?

I want to learn English.Help me advice!



If you prefer to speak well, I think that you need to listen and watch American's TV. But if you want to write well too, You need to read ...

Thank you very much:)

Watching movies and TV shows with subtitles is a great idea! You can get used to expression and if you don't understand words, you just pause and look it up. Have your dictionary not too far away! A thing that I personally did, was to watch the English version of a show that I knew very well. I hope this trick helps you!

Thank you. I hope this


You can listen to songs or do reading exercises. Do something that is interesting to you! Write down any new vocabulary and practise speaking with other people. You can also write notebook entries here on italki and get people to correct them for you! :)

Thanks for the advice


You're welcome :) I can correct notebook entries for you if you wish!

Ok.correct please)


To study English effectively you should include all 4 skills of learning a language, reading, writing, speaking and listening. Also it would be a good idea to know the reason for learning. Some people only want to know enough of a language to have everyday communication, and in this case it would be better to focus on colloquial language learning. Also, I would take the Oxford placement test here on ITALKI and find out your exact level. Here is the link for the placement test

Alphabet first I would say. Little kids shows are a good way to start. They usually introduce a letter, and then say a bunch of words starting with that letter. There you can extend your vocabulary. You should get a notebook and take notes over things you learn and new vocabulary as well. Watching shows and listening to music in English will really help as well^^

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