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What would you like to have early in the morning? Tea, Coffee, Milk or Juice?

Hello I start my day by having a cup of tea early in the morning.

I wanted to know what do you drink early in the morning or when you wake up?





Or anything else...?




I love Honey,

& with milk sometimes.


I start my day with oatmeal with milk and olive oil, I prefer tea, and more - a sandvich with jam or ham with chees.  

I stick to healthy diet


Hwo is next!

One liter of water.

Hi Heli!! I start my day with a cup of coffee and cake . This has became a kind of ritual - coffee , sweets and nice music in addition .


Only water

I drink a glass of water, and then juice after an hour.

But sometimes, I also drink coffee in the morning :)


Hello! I start my day with a glass of water.

I see, water is the most popular!

alwaya i start my day with a glass of water  afater an hour i eat a cup of tea with cerry 


Always start my day with a glass of tomato juice! :D , or a cup of green tea sometimes.

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