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hi everyone

I'm a native English speaker and i want to learn how to write a short English paragraphe i don't know where to start , if someone have any idea about how to improve writing skills please share it with us .



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  • Posted by ER Nov 08, 2013



The best way to improve writing skills is to read! For your native language anyway.To see how others write, learning writing styles, format, and such can help you be a better writer.


Do you have a topic? Figure out what you know about the topic, brainstorm, start making sense of all the information. Determine what you main idea is, work around that. Make it fit the assignment, meaning, is it informational, tutorial, persuasive, or entertaining? After you have all this information you will find it a bit easier to write.

Most of the writting effort is all getting what is in your head...on to paper :) Good luck!!

thank you Melissa for your answer . i will follow your advices .

about ἀνάϑεμα's question : yes i'm a native English speaker , i know just some populare English senteces .  my objective is to be able to write articles about anything.

The definition of native speaker is "a person who has spoken the language in question from earliest childhood."  ...I think you're trying to say that you are learning English.

yes i'm just learning english 

ER, I agree with Melissa's suggestion that you read as much English as you possibly can.  That will help you to expand your vocabulary, so that you will have the words you need in order to express your thoughts in English.  Good luck to you!  

I guess it is a long and demanding road for a native speaker to be a professional writer. To read and reflect is supposed to be a useful method to master your skill prior to your writing . I just take my instance in writing in Chinese .

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