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who is your favourite korean actor?

heeeey guys i don't know why but for me the best and the most handsom actor in the world not just korea is kim bum look at him he just have evrything in his life i'm not talking about money or seccess either but i'm talking about his soul because this is the reason to become in love with him just forget the money because you know that you can't buy heart with money so yes i'm in love with kim bum not because he is handsom and not because he is handsom but thre is something in him i can't ignore it ever i hink he is very funny



I like lee min hoo, Kim woo, so ji sub, and joo won. I like joo won the most because he can really act. In good doctor, he actually looked and acted like he's autistic. I also think he's cute as well

I like Jung Yong Hwa, even though I like him because he's not a bad singer and a good person, I think, but as an actor, he's not bad.


Lee Min Ho and i will never love any other actor more than him

he is in the top

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