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Can anyone translate all these into Spanish both the Question and the Answers - Thank you !!!


Q1) Who's teaching you the language?


A) I am teaching myself.


Q2) Who taught you the language?


A) I am still learning the language.


Q3) Who did you learn the language from?


A) I have had tutors and I do speak to natives to help me with Speaking.


Q4) Who is your teacher?


A) I haven't got a teacher at the moment as I couldn't afford the lessons anymore.


Q5) What is your name?


A) My Name is Taylor


Q6) What's your reason for learning the language?

A) I love the language and I want to learn more about the country and culture.


Q7) What is your job?


A) I am a security receptionist.


Q8) What do you do?


A) I like learning languages.


Q9) What is your age?


A) I am 23 years old.


Q10) What do you do in your spare time?


A) I like logic games and puzzles, movies, music, learning languages, martial arts.


Q11) What does this mean?


Q12) What time is it?


Q13) What is today's date?


Q14) What are your hobbies?


Q15)When did you start learning the language?


Q16) When did you go to the country?


Q17) When will you go to the country?


Q18) Where are you from?


A) I am from England


Q19) Where did you learn the language?


A) I am learning the language now.


Q20) Where in the country have you been?


A) I am planning on going there when I get the money.


Q21) Where in the country will you go?


A) I would love to travel everywhere


Q22) Where is your hometown?


A) My hometown is Birmingham.


Q23) Where do you want to go?


A) I love to travel around Europe, Asia, North & South America.


Q24) Why are you interested in the language?


A) I think the language is beautiful and I love meeting new people.


Q25) Why did you choose to learn the language?


A) I want to learn this language so when I go travelling I can speak to people in
in their own language.


Q26) Why do you think the language is interesting?


A) I generally love languages and the more people I can speak too, the more I can
make friends.


Q27) Which countries have you been to?


A) I have been to France, America, Canary Islands.


Q28) Which books are you using to learn the language?


A) I have the Teach Yourself course.


Q29) Which city do you live in?


Q30) Which language you enjoy learning the most?


A) I am enjoying learning all of them.


Q31) Which languages are you learning?


A) I am currently learning Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese


Q32) What kind of food do you like?


A) I love all sorts of food but I have a very keen taste for Desserts.


Q33) What kind of books are you using?


A) I am using a lot of online resources and I follow polyglots for advice.


Q34) What kind of audio are you using for the language?


A) Podcasts and radio.


Q35) Have you ever been to the country?



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