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Translated joke - ترجمه شوخی

مردي كه زبان فرانسه بلد نبود به فرانسه سفر كرد.

 او جشن عروسي اي را مشاهده كرد و از مردي فرانسوي پرسيد: چه كسي ازدواج كرده؟

جواب داد: جونوس با [معني اين جمله: «نمي دانم» است.]

در روز بعد، عزايي را ديد و از فرانسوي ديگري پرسيد : چه كسي مرده؟

جواب داد: جونوس با

مرد بيچاره تعجّب كرد و گفت: جونوس با، ديروز ازدواج كرد و امروز مرده !






A man who doesn't speak French traveled to France .

He saw a wedding , and asked a French person : who got married ?

He answered : Je ne sais pas (The meaning of this sentence is "I don't know").

The next day, he saw a funeral , and asked another French person : Who died ?

He answered : Je ne sais pas !

The poor man was surprised and said : Je ne sais pas, yesterday he was married and today he is dead !

Thank you Ocean for the correction :)

 Although I did not translate this on my own , I copied the translation from a website to share it with my fellow Persian learners , I find simple and short stories very useful to improve the little Persian I know !


ترجمه کاملا بی نقصه

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