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What things would you like to do before you die?

What happen if you have one month of life? what are you doing to have the best day of your life before you die?

I have a huge list and I hope do these things whithout know if I die or not. 

-Sing a "disco" song in front of a lot of strange people.

-Learn German and live for a while in Germany.

-Ride a horse and go very fast.

-Finish to read all my books.

-Learn magic tricks.

-Dance "Pole dance".

-Dress me like a "Harajuku girl".

-Kissing all the boys I know (Yes! Why not?).

-Eat insects.

-Have many tattos.

-Write a Sci Fi book.

-Marry and have 3 children.

and the last one:

-Find a true love and do these things with him.



I reckon that all these things you want to do before your death are things you live for. Your  list is quite nice :D You know, real love, marriage and similar stuff is very very pleasant :D I claim that a lot of girls want to have such adventures xd :D And I am the one of them.

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