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What would you do if you had a Bad Tempered and moody mother in law??!!



I don't know. Have you heard of strychnine?

No dear what do you mean by strychnine?

ἀνάϑεμα : black humour might not be to everyone's liking.

Oussama: Thank you for your input - I don't recall saying I was trying to please anyone ;) 

Just sayin' ...

mahnaz : I would try to limit contact/friction with her.

I had one of those. :D Moving as far away as possible is a really good idea. The distance will make everyone be nicer to each other. Good luck!

Thanks Oussama It's a good idea


I agree with you Phoenix :)

True leadership, yes we must respect our elders but what shall we do if they don't respect us ,if someone didn't respect you , would you respect her?! my mother is my mother,she has never done something which bothers me ,because she loves her daughter with all due respect,I think you're wrong.


Manhaz,just think that some day you may become one of those..a mother-in law....

be patient,don´t pay attention.

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