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what happens in syria in your opinion?



Well, I don't want to offend nobody at all. But what I think about this is that Syria has chronic problems that have to do with intolerance and ambition.

What I mean is Syria has three main problems (that seem have no end):


Religious intolerance;

Government ambition;

Religious fundamentalism.


I'm sure that religious fundamentalism have nothing to do with Islam, by the way in most nations, Muslims and people who follow other religions get along with no problems, always respecting each other... However, not everybody thinks like this.


That's simply my opinion. Of course I'm not an expert on this subject and maybe I'm pretty wrong about it. But it's what I think about.


Sorry for my half-baked English.

Your English is pretty good :).

people in different religions or cultural background think in different way. so your opinion is acceptable  in this regard.

well, for me, i think what happened in Syria is not only because of the religion. every religion could exist extremelism. So same thing can happen in Syria. however, this never condemn a religion to nothing good. i met many muslims before, most of them are friendly and kind.

Also, the government of Syria is weak. And the military insurance is not guaranteed. what a government trying to do is not how to rule the people, but how to serve the people. from the beginning, Syria has a wrong view of governing. The leader of a country can represent the people. 

What's happening in Syria at this very moment has been planned long ago. And at last we're just fooled audience who are lost in interpreting the manufactured incidents that's being motivated impulsively for some goals that the mere understanding of them is beyond our realizing, analyzing, or understanding capabilities. Nevertheless, moving Syria, from a safe and self-sufficient country to an unsafe one where there citizens suffer and struggle from death and malnutrition is obviously one of those aims.


Syria now has reached a standstill point, where neither the rebel forces nor the regime is strong enough to defeat the other party. And whenever one of those sided get stronger, the other side is empowered by some bodies to reach a level of equality between the both side. This process will be kept maintained into definite channels until Syria get totally smashed down.

Syria is a unfamiliar country for me,but the Middle East is a highlight area in my memory.The most people in here is muslim,they have different culture and religion from me.In my opinion,religion is not the reason for a people kill others and it make people have a pure mind.If religion is combined with politics,it do more harm than make a benefit.

I am a chinese with no religion,i am not a marxist also have no other religion ,like buddhism.but  there are 56 diffrent nationnalities in my university,most of them have their own religion,such as tibetan people is buddhist,they are goodness people.I still remember that once when i on the way to the classroom ,two tibetan girls talk with a cleaner ,next ,one of them bent over to pick up a earthworm and put it on the lawn.It hit my heart until now.because it had rained last night and it caused this earthworm appear on the road.It maybe a small thing ,but i could feel the strong power from religion.Religion always makes pure and kindness.

Absolutely,the problem in Syria is not because islam.from my point of view, politics is the most evil thing in the world.wherever.

Hello, Ahmad:


When the sad situation started two years ago, many people here in the United States thought that the government side was bad and that the rebel side was good.


Now, however, many Americans feel that the situation is not that simple.


There are some good people on both sides; there are some bad people on both sides.



Thank you
Your opinions good
And assure the problem is not with Islam and Muslims, but dictatorship and repression, there are crimes not seen humanity have occurred in Syria, and people do not want to carry guns and know that it is very dangerous but forced to, there 1,500 people were killed with chemical weapons there are 5 million displaced 200,000 people dead there indiscriminate bombing of civilians and children


There are mistakes of the opposition and the Syrian people against extremism and militants is a coexistence of people with some of the centuries and the biggest proof that the ruling family of Gmo minority for 40 years and in the beginning of the revolution there was no intention to topple Assad was well-liked and accepted by the majority of the people
With that of a minority
I apologize for my English is not good

I am convinced that whatever war occurs in that part of the world , meaning palestine and surrounding countries , has something to do with religion, if not between two religions , then between sects of the same religion  since it is a three times holy land.

What happened in Syria started out as a demand of rights. The country is ruled with an iron fist by a group that won't stop at anything to keep in power , and to top it all , this elite belongs to a minority sect called the Alawites.

  So the people take to the streets , demanding their right for dignity , and to not be ruled by the law of fear. People get killed. Massacres are committed and a group of syrian soldiers deserts the army and forms a sort of resistance. But it wasn't enough. At this point , the mujahideen step in. They want to help those who are being dealt an injustice , but don't hide the fact that they want to establish a more islamic state , should the regime fall. It is by no chance that these Mujahideen are sunnis. Similarly it is no coincidence that Hizbullah , a group belonging to the shia sect to which the Alawite sect is affiliated , is supporting the regime. And to make the problem biggert , Iran , a shia state , is supporting the regime while the KSA , a sunni state , is supporting the rebels. And since the international community can't keep its mouth shut , The USA is siding against the regime.This means that the USA is interfering with the business of a country not very far from Russia , which can't stay quiet , especially that said country is a client for Russia.

Meanwhile , kids keep getting orphaned , and mothers keep losing their kids. And the syrians keep wasting their weapons killing each other , while their real enemies comfortably watch.


And that's what I think about Syria.

I agree with you thank you
Thank you everyon

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