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How to make English classes fun and productive?


Have you ever had experences of teaching English? If you have, what do you think are the most important features of a successful English teacher? How to interest your student and make them feel it interesting to learn English?



They interst to talk, but to talk without good knowldege in ENglish will lead them to boredom. The only way you can do bring their own life, their imagination, their hobbies, or all about them into topics to be discussed. Though games sound interesting , discussion seems alive, conversation seems productive but you also should see them and their respond while you teach them, if one method not work then you should have plan B or other method. One class is not the same with another class. See them beyond their mind and your position as teacher. Feel them. Good Luck! )


Thank you very much for your advice and you are so helpful, Cherry!


I will try to be a good English teacher who not only teach the students things about this language but let them know I teach them how to know the world better through it as well.


Best wishes!

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