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The best European country for live and work.

I was wondering what is the best place in Europe to relocate for built a new life and career.

In the last years lot of my friends decided to leave Italy following their wish of a better future abroad.

Some of them now live in France, some other in Belgium and Germany.

I don't know, I'm really fascinated with Germany and Netherlands, because of their high civic sense and their strong economy.


What do you think about this? Is somebody an expatriate in Europe and what is your experience?



And what about a comparison between Netherlands and Germany for what concern the quality of life in your opinion M_rk_s?

I already heard some of the points you highlith. For example I heard about the german mini-jobs, which made the level of unemployement to go down but created a lot of poor working people, as you said. Looking for job opportunity I also noticed a lot of praktikum (internship) and somebody told me that in some case they are real jobs but are called praktikum in order to be less paid and with no health insurance.

However, Germany is a big country and this increase the posibility to find a job, maybe a good job... I also have the perception that is a good place for create startups, as I noticed there are a lot.

I have been in Netherlands and Germany for leisure and I felt always very confortable, public transportation was great, people was great, cities were clean, peaceful and safe. I perceived a lot of care for children in both countries and this is also important in my opinion.

Maybe Germany is a bit less expensive than Netherlands for renting and shopping and it seems a country more open to expatriates.

I felt Netherlands not so open to foreigners, but my impression is that if you are able to get a job there, you go to have a great quality of life!

I am not sure but these are my main impressions from the two countries.

Thank you M_rk_s for your contribution (and sorry for my bad English!).

Hi guys, but I think have a big importance also weather, temperature, local habitude, feeling with the local people in the long period (not in the short period like a turist), because in my personal opinion when you are abroad and feel that the people don't accept you (Italian people) and more all days rain or snow, zero degree...I think it will be very hard live in that place.

i think germaney

I agree with you Ce Perfect, but if you plan to relocate in some northern country you have to be prepared to find hard climatic conditions. I understand what you mean, we Italians are very lucky with weather!

Feeling with the local people is also very important, what country are you referring to? Which is your experience?

I would vote germany , however, Netherland is so good as I know .

"In the last years lot of my friends decided to leave Italy following their wish of a better future abroad"

what's wrong with Italy? Why people there are moving abroad?

one of my colleague just finished his trip from Italy. I looked at some pictures he took there. From my perspective, Italy is really a great nation with fascinating culture and glamorous history. My colleague also took pictures of those local people and it seems to me, people there are peaceful and happy. 

There maybe some financial obstacles you are facing now, but, anyway, I don't think leaving your home country and living abroad is a easy thing to do.It happens that you feel like you are alienated by the local people. They may be polite to you, but don't want to have deep conversation/relationships with you....

Hello! Various things are wrong with Italy and people are moving abroad for a lot of different reason.

In the last years for a recent graduate has become very difficult to find a job, lot of them so are obligated to work for free! The situation is more or less the same for people low educated. They maybe find a job but there are a lot of exploitation.

You know about the economic crisis most of Europe is in, and heard about our austerity policy. That bring a lot of italian company to close (the little ones), others to relocate abroad or fire workers.

Then, if you add to this situation that Italy is a country in wich most of times dishonest, corrupt and well connected persons are succesful, maybe you start to understand.

Our politics are just ridiculous and we don't trust in them, public schools and hospitals receive less and less money from the state so they became wrong, most of public services don't work, we pay a lot of taxes and we have nothing in change.

Just an example, where I live in the south, the motorway is still not finished yet and next year they will be 50 years from the starting of the construction.

I could speak hours and hours about this, but I prefer to stop here.

So, people leave Italy to find a job and a better quality of life because they are tired and disenchanted! Of course if you are young you also want to know a little more the world and make experiences and this is also a good I think.

I know Italy is a charming country, with lot of history and historical building and sites, lot of beautiful natural places, good weather and good kitchen, but believe me that is not enought... becouse people need to realize themselves and see perspectives in their lifes to be happy and currently, in most of case, this is not possible in Italy.

This is a complex situation, not easy to explain, hope you could understand a few.


A what about Scandinavian countries? They seems to be very successful from economic and social views.


Thank you for your nice wishes Ahmed! I know situation in Egypt is very hard now, but I noticed that there are a lot of young people who want to change and improve the conditions in the country... I really hope there will be a paceful and better future for all the Egyptians!


About the Scandinavian countries I am not very informed. They seem to me succesful as you said Serg, but I feel them distant from me and I mean not only geographically! I don't know why, maybe is because off my lacking knowledge. Do you have some experience from there?

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