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What is the highest virtue or talent to possess?


What is the highest virtue or talent to possess?


is it respect or love? or sacrifice? it has to be universal and bring one into fulfillment. we want to model it for our children.




I would say it's having a trusthworthy personality. Even if you're super talented, without those who trust you, you couldn't do much.

Love, respect, and all things which need to be built between people, we all need trust as a basis.


Honesty. That includes admitting your mistakes and not be too proud to correct yourself.

Being honest makes you trustworthy , and that is a huge capital for our children to possess.

If I have to choose one of those three?

"respect or love? or sacrifice?"


It will be Love.

Reason is: when you truely love someone, you will respect them and will sacrifce for them!!

It is that simple!!




elle is ok

I guess the most precious virtue for my children is supposed to be sincerity and honesty .  Love is also important for me to give to my children. If you raised up a child without loving you , you must be a very awkard father .

Freedom and rule of law


Honesty.If you are honest,eventually every thing falls in to place.

mmmnnnn. Very interesting question which raises another one in my mind about how and why do we try or want to pit virtues against each other? It is sometimes rare to find people wanting to discuss any virtues that it makes me think that our society always lures us into wanting the 'best' even when it comes to virtue!! Ironic really!

I guess i have always wanted my children to be kind and loving to others and to enjoy life.

There is a great reference book called 'Character strengths and virtues - a handbook of the sanities' that documents virtues common to mankind and you can do tests online to find your own strenghts and virtues. 

We are all just different in our good as well as our bad points.

I love the thread of the conversation though. So many other conversations are pretty mundane and dont really make you think!!


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