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What do you Think About Smoking?

Are you an active or passive smoker?

Do you think smoking is dangerous for health?

If you are a smoker:

How did you start smoking?

Wat do you feel when you smoke and when you don't smoke for some time?

Do you want to quit smoking. Is it difficult to quit smoking?



it's unlucky, I am a passive smoker, there many active smoker around me . I think smoking is very very dangerous for health , and it's impolite to smoke in public . I would never be a smoker ,I guess.

I smoke approx 12 years ago, certainly smoking is harmful to health, i taught it from bad guys when i was in school tenth class, I think oneday i will quit smoking

I was smoker about 5 years. Now i'm 22 years old, and i dont smoke, because in one moment i understood that i'm addicted. I could not  feel good without pack of cigarette, and if my pocket empty i'm started nervous. So need serious reason to quit smoking, i chose sport. It was hard, after work out wanted smoke, appeared short of breath. So it could not last, and i decided to qUit. It need to do at once, without any books or medical help. Most important really want it. It is easy, and by the way it is good economy, for example in Russia cigarette price in middle 2 dollars. Better spend this money on chocolate )

In Russia most high percent of smokers, and especially among young people. Nothing good, you know :)



Smoking is for losers :)

I quit some time ago, but this was not intentionally, just was curious if it's really hard (after 10 years of smoking). The conclusion is no, not hard at all.

Although I don't smorke I don't think it's anyhow dangerous for health, at least not more dangerous as alcohol and sure less dangerous than breathing outside in the large city. Any doctors that I spoke with them had nothing for basing their statements about dangers of smoking, just "everybody knows this!". And giving me lies as statistics which based on the fact that everybody that smokes dies (actually as anybody that doesn't, but who cares).

I have been (was ?) a passive smoker up until when I became 14 years old. I now have Asthma , probably a result of that.

If you don't know Asthma , try breathing through a juice straw. Feel that? Asthma is worse. Spend a night breathing that way and you will renounce smoking , if other people's well-being is of any importance to you.


First of all I'm not a smoker and I'm totally against both smoking and smokers and yes smoking is very dangerous for health, as a matter of fact, smoking is one of the main reasons of death and I think we don't have the right to end our lives

It's a person's choice. People who don't smoke get lung cancer too, just as much as smokers. Studies have shown that lung cancer is from a GENE

I'm a passive smoker.. I consider smoking as a selfish behaviour. When people keep smoking, their family and friends feel bad and sad toward them, they become worried about them when seeing how they suffer, thinking they will lose them at any time. Also, smokers hurt the others by their smokes and by presenting a bad role model to their children and young people. And I think its stupidity when some people start smoking in an attempt to escape from their problems or just to entertain themselves. I really wonder why educated persons like teachers and doctors smoke although they know how dangerous smoking is, and although they must be a good role model to the others!

Nour,  I suppose we talk here about smoking tobacco, not taking heavy drugs like heroin.

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