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what do you want on your birthday?

my birth is Novenber 8th. yes its over already^-^


I just went to work and got home and slept on that day.

It passed as same as last year!!!!><


by the way,,,, its strange!!!


I want YOUTH on my birthday!!!!! dont add me the age!!!!><



my birthday is NOV 8th or "I was born on Nov 8th"

Is your topic means you want something as a present on your birthday, or you want to do something on that day?

"came back home" is better than "got home",

hey here comes the late "o me te to", well i just started to learn Japanese, i am not sure if i express right or not.....anyway, happy birthday. 

At last i think only time flies then we can accumulate from the days we passed :) i do not want to grow up either, however we have no choice. it will be very sad if we stopped when time still goes on....

thanks for replying^-^


I wanted to know what is the greatest present for you^-^



My birthday is at December the 21 so very early bevor Christmas. Some people think thats very awful because at birthday you get presents and also at Christmas you get presents but i have never had birthday at another day so i don't know how it is to have your birthday in Summer for instance.


well, you wanted to know? what about now? do you still want to know?:) there is a tense mistake.


My greatest present?  My dad bought me a watch on my tenth birthday, it was really beautiful, and it kept me happy for quite a long period. 


With time flies, we are not feeling this kind of ectasy any more, everything seems nothing, what a pity ....Hmm, a little negative?


I think my Chinese name confused you, will you please do me a favor, tell me the pronunciation in Japanese or the spelling of it. just like your Mitsu.





your name is 秋子初。 there are many ways to read it.


1 shuu shi sho

2 aki ko sho

3 aki si sho

4 aki ko hajime


but I can say you are AKI-CHAN!!!


it seems like japanese girls name!!



My birthday is Jan 10th. I want to go to NY for my birthday. Or go on a fancy date with someone or my friends ^_^

or a tattoo haha

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