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Language skills

Do you use any foreign language in your job? And which one? Does the language knowladge have helped you to get a desirable job?



I am still student , but they teach us everything in french. Any future work will require french , a good level of french I might add.

still it did not give any help to me but no doubt it gave me a lot of problems and language is "English" .hehe

I work as a primary teacher at a primary school. I teach in Spanish but some of my colleagues use the English language to teach it to our pupils. It´s a bilingual school so we (Spanish teachers and English teacher) have to coordinate all the activities in both languages.

Talking about my English knowledge, it helped me to get my job because it gave me a better mark

I work in a restaurant in a tourist town and we get a lot of french and germans. Some of them really speak no English at all and it makes it difficult to order. Sometimes there is miscomunication.

I am a teacher in an arabic country but the only language I use is french. All university programs in science and engineering fields are in french.

Thanks everyone for your answers!
Does anyone else have something more to say about their job and use of foreign languages?

I don't use English in my Russian work, because we don't use it. But I want learn English to get good job! And I want travelling and speak English.

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