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The agriculture in the global world

I think that the greater problem of modern agriculture is linked at the always more big power that the various Governments of the world have allowed to the big multinational companies that produce the technical means such as pesticides, fertilizers and seeds.

Until the early twentieth century, the production of these technical means, was done within the same agricultural sector. For example, the seeds production, had place both in the same farm, allocating a part of the harvest for re-seeding, that in other farms specialized in the seeds production.

With the upper hand of the industrialized agriculture and of the chemical, the production of these technical means, was externalized towards big industrial companies. For many years this improved the productiveness of the farms and consequently allowed to obtain the improvement of the life condition of million of people.

With the passing of the years, these technical means had always greater importance to determine the outcome of the crops and consequently has grown the economical and political power of these big multinational companies as Bayer, Monsanto, Syngenta, which not only don't have no limits to determine the price of these means, but have arrived also to patent the seeds. This fact has exacerbated the monopolistic control in the seeds production.

Until the nineties of the last century, all this would not have been possible, because it would not have been permit, nor of the laws of single states nor of the international agreements on agriculture. In fact, one of the fixed points was the fact that living matter , the functions of crop production, could not be patented because common heritage, because we are speaking of life rights that must come before of the rights to the profit of the companies.

What do you think about it ?



Thank you for pointing this.

The seeds produced by some compagnies can provide a better production but the resulting crop can't be used as seed because it is somehow made to not grow.

I think this is one of the most serious problems facing all people around the world, but I guess since it's not as dramatic as US drone strikes, Mexican drug cartels, and really big natural disasters, no one seems to care.  It's sad.  More and more places in the world are having less and less control over where their food comes from, what it's made of, and how much it costs.  I am amazed at what people here in the US call "food." 

Thanks for your point of view: what Ahmed have you said, it is refered to hybrid seeds, but I think that is still most cruel, the prohibition to sow patented seeds if not paying, the rights at the corporations.

Therefore also humanitarian organizations are forced to use these seeds, allowing so at the corporations to make profits, taking advantage from starving people. All this in a world where never as now, it was and is possible produce food so easy

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