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Which is the best novel that you have read and which writer do you think is the best?



war and peace-Tolstoy (I read lots of awesome books can't write all of them , It's the one that I remember first) 

I know a lot of good writers and I can not say who is the best, but if we are talking about the novels, I prefer Remarque.

@erva - It was published in 1869. Do you think it connects well with today's generation ?

@rohit I know it's old book but I don't think books that don't connect with today's generation well are bad.For example sci-fi books aren't related with real life but For me Lord of the rings is pretty good one.It depends what you expect for book.If you read and don't like it maybe it's because of publisher.Cuz it changes a lot by publisher.

@erva- I have tried reading War and Peace in the past but there were too many characters and names to juggle at same time that made me confused.

Yes you're right on that there are two anna in the story for example and sometimes I read twice to understand:)

The best novel that I read is the name of the winter(viento) by Patrick Rotfious. He write very well and I love the story.


I would choose most of Tolstoy's other books before War and Peace. I think the setting and the fact they didn't have iphones etc is irrelevant, a good book is timeless because human emotions and relationships haven't changed. The daily life of the characters in his books may be alien to me but he can capture my interest in the relationships between characters better than any modern British writer - at least to me.


I'm not sure what the best novel I've read is. I've read some really well written and highly praised books but they didn't mean as much to me as others which were lesser so but they had more of a connection to my life and what I care about. The most recent book I really connected with was 'The Trick Is To Keep Breathing' - Jane Galloway.

@ERVA- We got one here too :D

i really know so many good writers but for some reason i can't remember any one right now but for novels my favourite one is defenitly harry potter

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