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"Cyber world"

Hello internet users!! I decided to start this discussion for all of us ,, to find out what exactly we all search on the net.For example What you feel when you add a friend to your friend list ? What you expect from him or her? .What You need more----

Friend?  Love affair? or you just want  make a fun and play with his\her feelings...

As for me , when I add a friend first of all I feel the responsibility of being honest and not to lie...And I want the same  from them.     "CYber world " for me is a "paralell world" where you can forget everything which disturbs you here , in "real life" , or just to make friends to discover other characters, manners and so on,,

So what s your aim of making friends? ( I would be glad to hear honest answers)

Thanks in advance



Usually I use internet in my work, but in the social sites have a lot of friends and they are close friends to me, but when i have a foreign friend trying to learn from him And I'm trying to know about his language and town and always be honest, and always be benefiting

It is hard to simplify this complicated problem into sentences . In most situation , I make friends by my instinct only . Cyber-world is another sort of social network you can use .  To make friends on facebook is easier for me .

What about those who make friend and start to talk about love ? And the funniest and at the same time the sadest thing here is that they tell the same thing to others as well,,,,,,Do they have right to play with anyone s feelings even virtually???

Ihu ..I can t tell you the technical difference  But I can say that I joined the italki for learning languages , but I found out that some members are here not only for that purpose,,,(This is not a critisizm),,

Different people means different customs and traditions and ways of thinking. I add friends in the hopes of one day asking them the one thousand questions I have about this earth , and perhaps they can answer me about what they see from where they live.

I am still new to this site , didn't quite mingle with the locals long enough. But I would imagine (knowing how some people think) that some people do tend to make a love affair out of a simple discussion.

Thanks for comment Oussama. 

I don't usually accept friend requests from strangers.And obviously I don't add strangers on my own.I use skype and facebook just because they are free(of charge) and I can talk and see my friends who live abroad.In my opinion,there can't be any affair via internet.It's not that simple.

So,I don't expect anything from people

that add me,apart from annoying me (OK,I am not that anti-social...Well...Maybe sometimes I do...:P).As for this site,I discovered it today and I am pretty glad to know

that there are also other people who love learning foreign languages.

To talk with me about everything not just adding to make you look like so popular. 

Big like for this discussion Yan

To Ahmed.        A very big thank you :))).                                                        To Ayad.   Thanks for comment. Yes I noticed that you are interested in different topics. i saw that in your comments. And honestly I agree with you in many cases. 

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