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hello! Who can help to me? What are you think : how I can fast learn the English language?




to be able to answer your question, you should add some more informations. whats the english level you are looking for? which help you'll have? it depends on your will, the way how you teach yourself or get teached, the time you (can) spend. it's also difficult to answer for me because i dont know how hard it will be for a nativ russian speaker to learn english. i'm german and for me it was kinda easy couz there are a lot of comparing ans similar words between english and german language. the best was to learn a language is to got to the place where they speak it. try to find a nativ english speaker here on italki who is willed to use voicechat, that helps a lot. another good way is to translate lyrics of songs you like ( i suggest you to do it word by word! ) best regards


the best way...* sorry

Thank you! I will try to speak English but I dont easy speak English, I like to write the English language. I learn language after my work in the evening. Maybe it is few/

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