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How many times did you move and why?

Which country is better for live? What you like in your town? How many times did you move and why?



For example, went to study and stayed there or one times awake and decide all change... Begin new life)

To live in the same country is boring.

England is good for me :) I don't move...



What about the rainy weather in England? Does it make you depressed?

live in China all the time, never been abroad. Chinese environment is bad.

Why Chinese environment is bad?

I don't think Chinese environment is bad? Everything had its opposide, if you never been abroad, just hear from somebody else, how did you know the other country is bad or good for you.

I've been abroad to some Neighboring countries (I'm Egyptian), I think all of those countries are not very good places to live. I think Canada, England and maybe Netherlands are good places to live.
I don't see too much to say about my current city, but four years ago I've moved from the birthplace village to the city.

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