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Do you see letters and written words when you're listening to English audios like podcasts?

I don't know if this only happens with me. When listening some podcasts in English I often see (I don't see with my eyes, it's like I see them into my mind - I see them without seeing them :P) the words that I'm listening, for example: If in any part of an audio the speaker says "And I actually got a few answers to this question", in most times I kind of "visualize" each word into my mind.

Maybe it happens because I've started studying the written English at first... I really think my reading and my writing (though all my mistakes and typos) are much more advanced than my listening and speaking skills, anyway...


And that's my question: Do you have (or just did) that "symptom"? Do you "listen with your eyes too (I must be crazy)"?


Sorry for any "typos" ;P



Yes, I also do that, especially when listening to a foreign news with different accents on the radio, but only for some hard expressions which require my visualization ((as if it is a mental transcription). I think I need to use it mostly during my listening practice to French audio clips because there are a lot of  homophones and sometimes a few liaisons (two syllabic sounds joined together) in spoken French.

Wow,I think you already just got it.That is exactly what I want.I'm a Chinese student.And all I learned before is for passing the exam.Now,my reading and writing something not too bad.But when it comes listening,I am about as good as a baby is...I can't get the words ,or the main information.Maybe it works differently with people whose Mother tongues are different.But as far as I'm concerned,your listening is still not perfect.When we listen mother tongues ,we don't (have to) listen every word but the whole sentence.In other words,it's something like conditioned reflex.Of course,it will be very hard for a foreigner.As we all know,practice makes prefect.And trust yourself,you can do it.

I am also the sailor of the same boat.

I am good at writing but when it comes to speaking I dont get proper words thought I know very clearly that what I want to speak but I cannot express it in the way it should be.

And in listen I am always like what, sorry, can you please repeat :D


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