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Is this website helpful?

what kind of language learning webistes you often login?



I often visit the website which can offer me practice on it . Italki is a good website to paste your writing and response to other pasted writing , so I think it is a good language learning website for me .


It depend on how you use it.

If you wanna learn a language, I recommend you try to use it then you will find italki is a good language learning website.

But if you use it to make some friends  as Facebook or other social network website, I'd reather you go to there.

I agree with 吴清霖. It all depends on how you use this site. Although this site does have its fair share of people that use this more like a dating site than a language site, it does offer a great service and most of the people on here seem to be genuinely interested in helping each other with language. Personally I don't know any other site with a community as large as this one. So yes. This site is good!

Thank you all. I am just new here and hope improving my English speaking and writing. It seems that people here are really warm hearted. :)

Thank allen, 吴清霖, Abel and IReallyCareAboutYou. :) I will try to learn more from the friends of this website. :D

italki :)

yeah italki is very helpful site my now i know a lot of english words, a lot of friends from all the world.

Thanks for Heli and Malik's replies.:) Hope I will get improved soon as well.

I also often use duolingo (, which helps me to translate from one language to another. If you like listening to videos, I recommend yabla ( and lingorilla ( 


And here some more recommendations from a polyglot, enjoy!

Thanks Ayad for your reply.:) I've met some nice people here. I agree with you that this is an awesome website.


Thanks Anja for your recommendations. They are very helpful websites. Thank you very much.:)

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