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Blind Date

What do you think of having a blind date with sb that Uve never met in your life in order to get married?



ofcourse not

If you're in love now, don't go,

but if you are single, go and see what will happen,

who knows, maybe you will find your love there, maybe she is your girl,

Just try to be yourself,

& don't say anything bad about her after the date, if you don't like her .

P.S. ( be careful from " Disaster Date " MTV program ),

If you started to feel that she is weird, just complete 60 minutes & then take the 60 dollars . . . & about the friend who did that to you, just take another 60 dollars from him & revenge later .

P.S. ( If that happened to you, just tell me, & I will tell you how to revenge ) .

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