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Are you see me beautiful ? . . . . . . Are you see me handsome ?

why do we care so much about ( How others see us? )

I think it's very exhausting & it's one of reasons that make us feel sad in our lives . . . Isn't it ?!!!

You are beautiful, you are not beautiful,
you are handsome, you are not handsome,
( No Thing Will Change That . . . Come on, you didn't create yourself )

Just let it go, & Throw it away from your mind . . . . . . Whatever, Take it easy.

you see me not beautiful . . . Whatever
you see me not handsome . . . Whatever

My opinion : ( Everyone is beautiful, but the beauty is just a relative thing, you are beautiful in my eyes & not beautiful in other eyes " And vice versa " )

Just be happy & don't bring sadness to yourself .

PLZ . . . Tell me your opinion & Correct my language if you want . . . Thanks :)



You're a very interesting person. ;)


I think girls are more care about appearance, just like me honestly.


It's really sad that all men think you are ugly. Hahaha. We can't change others' mind, so we have to change ourselves. Don't you think so? Try to look better.




I think that the appearance ( good looking ) can be needed in first meeting   .  I mean for the first impression.  But if a person has a pretty face but he or she is ugly inside ( inner world ), all that beauty vanishes.  But there are many people who have such a good , kind character that they seem to you very beautiful. I care  what people think about my inner world rather than what they think about my appearance.   

In the end i would like to quote the words from Christina Aguilera ' s song " Beautiful "                               I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down...

The beauty is morality and spirit to be cultured and humble person not color of eyes or body.

Thanks liuchen for your beautiful words :)

I think caring about my appearance is thing,

& caring about how others see me is a different thing,

First :

of course I care about my appearance, I like to be clean always, I like to wear good clothes, I like to get a good haircut, . . . etc.
but I will keep doing that if I am alone in the world, I am a human, right?

Second :

But doing that for make others see me beautiful or handsome, no no . . . I just don't care ( how others see me? )

first, doing that won't make me beautiful in their eyes, if they already see me not beautiful,
second, as you said ( it's really sad ),

Oh . . . come on, why do you bring sadness to your life?!!!
If they see you ugly . . . Whatever, this is their problem .

P.S. ( you are beautiful ), but come on . . . Who cares about my opinion ?!!!

I care about your opinion:) Thanks for your nice words. See? If I look good and people compliment me, that would make me feel happy. Hahaha.


First, just like what you said, new haircut, good clothes and so on. How do we know the standard of handsome or beautiful?  The answer is compare to others! So you are caring about what others think about you imperceptibly. 


Secondly, we don't have to make others think we are beautiful/handsome. What we really want is just the happiness from others' compliments. 


Furthermore, inner beauty is also very important. I am sure that no matter how pretty a girl is, if she has no good manner or is not kind hearted, she definitely looks ugly! And as long as we're nice enough, no matter how we look like, we are beautiful and will have a lot of friends.


By the way, I think this topic is so complicated. So just being as good as we can, that's enough. :) 


P.S. (I am sure you are nice).

Thank you Yan & Malik so much :)
I really appreciate your comments,

& I think both of you guys talk about ( Inner beauty )

But let's be honest here,

most people in the world cares about their external beauty more than their inner beauty, maybe because they nearly sure that all people around them thinks at the same way, which is ( External beauty is more important )

About Inner beauty, I want to speak about myself,

For me :

I care sooooooooo much about my inner beauty ( which means to be good person ),
but again not to make you see me beautiful from inside,
but because I have a religion & beliefs which taught me that I must be a good person,
& also taught me how to be a good person, & also taught me that if I want good people around me in my life, I must deserve them by being good person in the first ( Starting with myself ),

P.S. ( I don't know if I am good person or not, People who are around me only ones who know, I just try hard to be ).

So sorry about my language mistakes & about my bad explanation,

I know that I am very bad at explanation . . . sorry again (^_^)

@ IReallyCareAboutYou  - You could totally explain your point of view . At least I could get that.I agree with you ,.Peoples values have been changed and unfortunately they pay attention more at the external beauty...And as for you i think you are a good person if you care so much about your inner world and also you have self-critisism ( if i am right) ..Those are positive sides and worth respect..

About Christina Aguilera song,

Actually, I didn't listen it before ( this song is old song, right? . . . Oh, I think I need to upgrade my playlist )

anyway, I agree with Christina in those words, JUST those words,
I don't know anything about remaining words,

I can't listen it now, because I have a headache with me in my house now ( I mean one of my friends of course, he won't let me to listen it quietly . . . & I love to listen music quietly ),

so I will put it in my new playlist, and I will listen it later,

but it's deserve, right?
you must know that I have a very special taste in music (o_O)

Thanks again Yan :)

Think about this : how much is the percentage of people that are beautiful in your opinion. Next time you're in a bus ask yourself this question. You will find out that if you're not physically well-endowed , then you're the 99% :D

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