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are you agree?

Two people can damage a society , the one who knows and doesn't talk and the one who doesn't knows and talks



totally agree. 

thanks for your comment

I disagree with you,

there is another person remaining . . . Homer Simpsons .

Just kidding Bro :))

Completely agree with you.

But the most important thing here for me ( I am afraid that being one of them ),

P.S. ( "The one who knows and doesn't say" it's not that bad everytime, I think you must choose the right time & the right way & the right place to say what you should say, Otherwise silence will be much better ) .


You are right but if you can't say anything better to keep calm :D

E' vero! il problema è che non si sa mai abbastanza, per questo è molto importante leggere,leggere,leggere...

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