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Can you recommend me some good Corean(or other Asian movie) to watch?




one of my favorite korean movies:

love 911

love in magic


only you

seducing Mr perfect


Thanks Sarah...Do you know some web site where i can watch Asian movies?

I like many channels. Specially, International channel such as discovery, star, HBO channel. My favorite film is the persuit of happiness, absolute deception, Full house(Korea), coz the range of beautiful, talentful actress and actor, profound feeling , and mavellous scene in every situation,moment!!!

Thanks Ha. :)

Here we go..

Korean doramas:
Slave Hunters (Chuno) 2010 is the great serial about love (as usual), a little fighting, etc.
Korean movies:
Oldboy (Oldeuboi) 2003 is not simple movie.
The Warrior (Musa) 2001 is love/battle story with very heroic characters.
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom) 2003 is very buddhistic movie of Kim Ki Duk.
War of the Arrows (Choi-jong-byeong-gi Hwal) 2011 is great movie about korean struggle against the Manchus.
Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow (Jo-seon Myeong-tam-jeong) 2011 is historical korean Sherlock Holmes
A Frozen Flower (Ssang-hwa-jeom) 2006 - love, death, loyalty on historical scene of Korea
Shadowless Sword (Muyeong geom) 2005 - is nice movie of Wuxia genre (one of my favorites)
Fighter in the Wind (Baramui Fighter) 2004 - is about Korean karate master (against Japanese)
My way (Mai wei) 2011 - the story about Japanese and Korean runners and their friendship (not against Japanese)

Korean (continue):

Masquerade (Gwanghae, Wangyidoen namja) 2012 - smart, good, funny movie about Korean king and his double.

Japanese doramas:
Samurai Banners (Fûrin kazan) 1969, about Takeda Shingen and his great strategist Kansuke Yamamoto.

Japanese movies: (actually there are a lot of them, I'll add them if I recall)
Movies of Yôjirô Takita:
Ashura (Ashura-jô no hitomi) 2005 is one of the best movies I've ever seen, about queen of daemons and samurai.
Onmyoji 1, 2 2001-2003 is about Japanese witchcraft and struggle against daemons, one of the best Japanese movies.
When the Last Sword is Drawn (Mibu gishi den) 2003 - in spite of its name it's really good movie about good people, very recommended.
Kurosawa movies: (of course all of them are great, just a sample)
Seven samurai (no need to explain), Dersu Uzala, Kagemusha, Ran (and other "Shakespear in Japan" movies), The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail (Tora no o wo fumu otokotachi) and many others


Japanese (continue):

Movies of Takeshi Kitano:
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi (Zatôichi) 2003 - blind swordsman against Yakudza, the beautiful Japanese legend with Kitano
Izo 2004, Gohatto 1999, Fireworks 1997, Brother 2000, Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru) 2000
Movies of Yôji Yamada:
The Hidden Blade (Kakushi ken oni no tsume) 2004, The Twilight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei) 2002, Love and Honour (Bushi no ichibun) 2006
13 Assassins (Jûsan-nin no shikaku) 2010 (of Takashi Miike, great), Goemon 2009 (the Japanese Robin Hood), Space Battleship Yamato 2010,

Thank you so much Serg.

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