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Studying a new language with non-native speakers is more efficient

In my opininion learning a new language from non-native speakers (teachers) is much better than native speakers (teachers). Because mostly non-native speakers know much grammer rules and they know how to explain them. When you ask a question about grammer to a native speaker they mostly say '' well, yeah I understand your question but I dont know how to explain''. I wanna give you an example, 2 years ago I went to İtaly for 6 months in order to learn Italian and I shared my flat with a Morroccon guy who study in Italy and fluent in Italian. He helped me so much and I knew some of my Turkish friends had Italian room-mates and at the beginning they were all saying ''we wiil be able to speak İtalian fluently in  short time, because we have REAL Italian friends in our flats'' but shortly they were all saying ''they dont know anyting about Italian, they just know how to talk, thats it'' with a few anger:):) Briefly studying with non-native speakers is best, because they are the earlier passenger on the same path!



It depends on the native speaker and their skill level. I majored in English in college and had a couple of years of Latin so I know the ins, outs, hows, and whys of the language. I also agree that most native speakers just talk the way they learned and don't know their grammar from a hole in the ground. It all depends on who you talk to!

In my opinion it depends on the level your language skill. So if you are doing the first steps, you'd better interact with non-native speaker. But if you read books, watch films and are going to travel, it's essential to have a conversation practice with native speakers.

Yes, I agree with you. Learning from a teacher who is a non-native speaker is better because he or she knows how to teach based on non-native speakers' learning perspectives and comparative language teaching and learning approaches. However, having a teacher who is a native speaker is also an advantage because we are engaged by a native speaker to get used to listening and encouragement. In general, it all depends on the level, experience and qualifications of the teacher regardless of native or not, he or she is.


I think it can depend. I know living with a Dutch woman was very useful for learning Spanish as we were both the same level and only spoke Spanish so we were both patient with each other. I think though for teachers it can depend if the teacher has a different native language to yours then it might not be beneficial. Learning Spanish definitely helped me understand the problems Spanish speakers and well all students from the Romantic languages can have. So it really depends on their background.

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