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What is your favorite season?


So Fall is quickly slipping away from us. As we wait for the frosty embrace of winter tell me which season is your favorite and why?



I am from Algeria and my favorite season is winter because I like cloudy weather. It is rarely too cold in winter while other season are hot or very hot for summer.

"the frosty embrace of winter" - new cool expression noted :)

I like summer. Good memories. Some people have the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and just hate seasons that are too cold or too hot.

Summer in Europe is nice (if we have some sun, and not only rain!)

Spring and Fall I prefer Japan, it´s arround 20~25°C there.

Winter, well I hate winter everywhere it´s so cold, I don´t like temperatures below 10°C.

My favorite season is winter . I love winter clothes .

I am from Kazakhstan and my favorite season is summer! Unbearably hot in the summer (+35), but this to me and it is like! In spring and autumn rainy and wet weather. A cold winter ... comes down to -40

May be spring? Yes, definitely spring! What is your favorite season?

My favourite season is autum, just because I want to see yellow leaves falling. I love the changing colours of the leaves on the streets, they make the world look more colourful than ever.

My favorite season is autumn.
For some reason autumn associate sadness in my mind and I feel sad quite often. Sometimes I even like it. Being sad I like looking through the window and seeing leaves falling especially if it is rain. It makes me even more sad but atmosphere, which created by this, seems to me very close and native as if it is my nature. It is strange thing I know. Never mind!


Mike-d it is definitely a toss up between summer and spring. Although the best festivals happen in fall.


Thanks Oussama. I am a lover of the words.

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