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Your philosophy on learning languages?

My philosophy :


I believe one must embraces the culture of the country before starting to learn it's language.

Once the culture is fully accepted,  the road to learning can and will be facinating trip.


What is your philosophy on learning languages?






Egg first? Chicken first?

I think learning language is the best way of understanding culture.

I learn foreign languages because of the attractive image of the language itself as well as of the people (the nation of the language) with their history, their land and their life and their achievements. Besides, these efforts give more benefits to me not only for self-development and job but also to be able to understand some other cultures in the world. That is humbly mine of not so philosophical one.

I think we should know other cultures through languages. Although we have native books to introduce other cultures but that is different from my experience. I am still afraid of trusting it.

I think it should keep the faith good will to have conversation with foreigners.

And should have courage. I just fail to video chat with an American.

I think I shall practice oral from now on but I think it is better to start from local foreigners.

And I like to speak something without logic that is not about language

So I think I should wait for being ready, 

At least, dont feel burden

Thank you for contributing to the discusion, I read what you all wrote and I would like to add few things:


Ayad: I would like to  believe that most people here on Italki are learning a language not because they are forced to do it, but becaue personal interest.

However, I do agree with you that at least I can't embrace ALL cultures, especially me.

As we may have inner conflict with the tradition or the representation of politic or religion system of that the particular country and culture.

It was  irrelevant to name other countries in this discussion !! I speak for myself only: I believe it will be hard for me to learn a language if there were resentment to it's culture!!



If we have to bring out only negative in each country we will all be dumbfounded!


Hilmy said it: "History, Achievement"... and so on,  and simply the likes to the people of the culture involved.  Each and every country have positives and negatives, I choose to look at the positives!!


In another words, the facination of the culture has to be there, for me and I am almost sure that this will be the case many others. (Not all but many others).


Italki provide  the chance not only to  learn the language but to mingle with the people of the country involved and learn more about the culture while learning the language.


Wish you all to have a wonderful week-end!






I agree with you somewhat, because I think one of the reasons I love Japanese is because of the culture. Japanese culture is really interesting and polite, and there are some things about the culture you have to understand before learning the language. In my German class at school, while my teacher acknowledges that knowing about German culture is not a state education requirement, she likes to teach us about Germany because she feels it's important and will help us learn the language better, if that makes any sense. 


I don't really think "THIS IS THE ONLY RIGHT WAY TO LEARN A LANGUAGE" because it's kind of different for everyone. Some people learn better taking classes, and other people learn better on their own, or by being immersed in an environment where the language is being spoken.


 While I do agree with your German teacher, I also agree with what you have said, as it does make sense. 

You said: "it's kind of different for everyone. Some people learn better taking classes, and other people learn better on their own, or by being immersed in an environment where the language is being spoken."


I totally agree with your saying  that it is different for everyone. 

I speak for myself and I believe that had I lived in Japan  3 months minimum would have speed my Japanese learing.  Class is good too, depending on the teacher. Learning alone isn't the same. I think it is harder.


Havea wonderfull day,

I personally can't accept everything in the other culture. Should I? I don't think so.

In any culture I meet some thing I like them and some I'd prefer to forget about them :) The first ones encourage me to learn this language, to remember about the second ones will be a barrier.

Of course I'm still aware of them, but i don't put it on the foreground. I focus on the favourite things only. For example - what will encourage you to learn German - Hitler or Shopenhauer, Italian - fascism or Renaissance, and so on for any language.

P.S. Politics sucks in any culture :))

There is no philosophy  Ellie. Just do it. I am learning Portuguese three years already, without any specific reasons. Used to listen to their fado, ( you should to listen to it), and decided to learn the language of the country I did not know nothing about , but the vine of Porto and Cristiano Ronaldo. There is no a school or a course of this language in my city and I decided to learn it on Internet. After the three mentioned years I can speak with the native Portuguese people by Skype, and know a lot about their culture, customs, food....But I have to mention that I used to learn every day, making written exercises ans asking people to give me a help correcting them. At one moment decided to try to speak to my friends by Skype asking them for this favor. And IT WORKS ! So I am sure that is possible to learn a language in all the possible ways. You just have to decide it.

Wish you all the best !


From Australia, Good morning to you :)

Thank you for your contribution to the discussion, Serg, Bruce and Kamenko.


Of course I know of some wrong doing by a certain country.. but if we only "concentrate" on the wrong doing, we will never advance. Sometimes it is best to see the positive, in this I place my concentration.

Italy has so much to offer in so many ways, I remind myself that niether nor Germany or Japan nation should be held responsible to it's Government actions. As the mass of the people may not have known, and if they could change it they would have.. But not much can be done to change the past. It is there for us to remember what we should leave behind and never again agree to discriminate on the base of either religion or culture.

Thank you all for your honest contribution to the discussion.

I find that concentrating on the good things any culture offer us,  works for me.  Bruce said:

"The learning process advances quickly, when a cultural knowledge is implemented.

Otherwise, learning language is entirely an abstraction".


Even you are not fond of other cultures , you may learn how they think in their way . Of course you do not have to embrace all of it as you do not necesarily love your culture all the time  . Nontheless , it is beneficial to learn other points of view for those who want to learn foreign language .

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