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How much do you pay for your housing in month?

How much do you pay for your housing in month? Is it a rent or own house?



For instance, in Kiev a monthly rental payment for the 1-room flat FROM 375$ + from 65$ (fee for heating, light, water, gas, cleaning territory...) But middle salary of employees is 500$.

$1100 US dollars monthly payment for a house.

I have a nice one bedroom apartment that is very small. I pay $650.00 a month. This does not include gas or electric but does include water and sewage.

Even if you have no mortgage on your home, you will still pay about $500 per month on taxes and insurance and another $400 for water and utilities where I live near Washington D.C.  Add to this home minor repairs, lawn maintenance, and tree services.  This doesn't even start to consider the fund for the new roof, the kitchen remodel, new carpets, ... Mortgage costs are minor in comparison with upkeep, even if you do much of the work yourself!

I have own house of me..

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