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Communication in skype

I want to learn English in skype. I can help you with Russian))



Hi! I'm not a native speaker, but my english is quite good and I've been looking for someone to practice my spoken english with, so if you are up for it, we could have some conversations over skype. 

Let me know what you think!

You can add me, my skype: svetlana_630

Hi, i'm alooking for someone to talk with him , i start to build group in skype and we are now 3 , we need to grow up :D , you and Adriano will be 5 it's good to make group :D 


i wait your ID in skype 

my ıd: mustafa.ulas.1

Hello. I'm interested being part of a group on Skipe. I'm only looking for practise the speaking. My level maybe is midle. At the moment i only need to improve my speed searching the words to express myself. Maybe later i 'll need to be more perfectionist. ; )

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