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swedish phrases

 hello, I was translating a text but I found these phrases that I do not mean, can you help?

för att impa på polarna, eller? 

och du drar hem nån trebarnsmorsa
-Du är en vingelpitt.
Vi hämtar lite damer, tassar i väg
Tjena, tjejer! Benka sa att ni skaTjena
lasta av grejerna på kajplats???
parbrud. Fyller ingen funktion...









Quite a bit of slang. Where is this from? Are these sentences related to each other? Anyway, I'll give it a shot!

För att impa (imponera) på polarna

To (in order to) impress your pals 



och du drar hem nån trebarnsmorsa 

Probably a retort, making fun of someone because he picked up and brought home some older woman looks like she may well be a mother of three children.


Vi hämtar lite damer, tassar iväg 

Again, probably saying something like bringing over chicks and then slinking away. Att tassa is a verb comes from tass which means paw. Has a lot of meanings


Tjena, tjejer! Benka sa att ni ska lasta av grejerna på kajplats

Benka has told the speaker that the girls are going/are to unload the stuff at the docks


parbrud. Fyller ingen funktion

No idea what this could possibly mean, maybe with context...


Oh and a 'vingelpitt' is someone who can't make up his mind, or just something or someone that wobbles a lot. Vingel + pitt

the problem is I cant send the attachment ( the text that I extracted the questions)

I am teaching english in Thailand, but i am from cameroon. I would like to improve in my french language.

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