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Message to the world . . .

If you have the ability to send a message to all people in the world,

and they will receive & read it at the same moment,

What will you write in this message ?



Thank you منocean so much :)

I appreciate your comments guys.

For ocean : I received your message, I don't know about other people in the world,

but IReallyCareAboutYou too :P  

This is a very interesting topic. Let me Think. 

Hmm....I think I would say: I know what you are doing and thinking right now. 


Every year 15 million children die of hunger.

I would say something like "f**k you all bi****s" hahhaahaahahah

message :

good manners - knock on the refrigerator door before opening it :)))

Thank you liuchen, Shill66, mohsen, Yannick, SharkMan so much :)

For liuchen : I was thinking about ( If I knocked on the refrigerator door, is there anybody will open ? )

Oh . . . Really SharkMan ?!!! 

For mohsen : Really sad for hearing that .

For Yannick : No comment, ( Please guys . . . Respect . . . no need for bad comments here )

thanks again Yannick .

For Shill66 : Good luck with your $100,000,000, but about ( Insects ), I don't think everyone can do that, for me I prefer to die :))

For SharkMan : Man don't comment again at any of my discussions, ok? (o_O)

just kidding Bro :)

but I think I can't do that, if I did that, they will kick me out from my house :))

another message :

when nothing goes right . . . go left .

sorry IReallyCareAboutYou :)

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I will write:

" It's time to change and repent because you will die after 24 hours




but if I can call the whole world and they will hear my voice at the same moment I will sing Justin Bieber song "Baby, Baby, Baby ohh" hahaha lol





i would write: we only live once ,please don't miss that chance and live in peace

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