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Italian books


Can anyone recommend some easy to read Italian books? I think it would be helpful to read in Italian. 



The books published by black cat are really nice. They have also a CD so that you can listen to the text, too. 

There are only a few choices on Amazon. I bought Easy Italian Reader (Book & CD-ROM) by Riccarda Saggese which is good. For the looks of it if you have a kindle there are a lot more choices and at low cost too!

II like the easy Italian reader as well.

That's a very difficult question because we can't easily know if something that is easy for an italian isn't for who is still learning... if you are looking for literature you might read Italo Calvino, it's a very important italian writer; if you're looking for something easier a i can ask my mom that's a teacher and she will reccomend some very good books maybe for children, please let me know i'd be glad to help you ;) !


Grazie, Federico. I'm looking for easier as in still learning (advanced beginner). Maybe your mom would have some suggestions.

You could read Pinocchio it's one of the most translated italian book ... you can find free on google book and i think you can find it in english as you can match the translate in easy way


Here's a link about Italiano facile.

The texts of Italiano facile are graded into five levels, allowing the student to discover the pleasure of reading in Italian, at the same time honing their language skills.

If you want to discover an easy-reading wonderful book, i really suggest you "La strada di Sin", written by Romano Battaglia. Buona lettura!


Grazie, Adri!

Hi Karen. I can suggest you the books of Fabio Volo that are very simple and nice to read


Dear Karen your problem is also mine i want read a book in english,but i don't have the capacity,i suggest you the tales for child ,i begun with cenerentola,ciao ciao

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