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Good-looking people or plain-looking people with self-esteem,which group of people succeed more easily?

   How to write an argumentative about this topic?I'll appreciate it if someone can give me some advice.^^



To eveluate a topic before your writing , you may use why , how , what to probe any problem . Nonetheless , to pratice is inevitable to  master writing anyway .

I think it depends on what you mean by 'succeed', whether it be in terms of getting a job, having a girlfriend etc. Just saying which will 'succeed more easily' doesn't clarify to the reader what you are talking about. In general for this topic I would maybe say:


'Desirable looking people compared with non-desirable people with high levels of self esteem, which of the two is more likely to encounter success?'

It is hard to clarify which side is preferable to succeed  . I think you must brace your critical thinking to your writing and you had better go through the issue with great circumstance .


Feel free to correct my English if there is any inappropriate

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