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Do you have any trobles to understand the Brittish English (If you're studying American English)?

I'm just studying the American English for about three months, so I found out a good podcast source that mix news with listening (the website is "news in").

The approched news are divided in three levels, the first two are easy to understand because they're in American English (I think), but the level 3 podcast (video), besides being much more quick, it's spoken in a so hard to understand accent (at least for me who didn't get used to it yet). Even with the transcription I find that English a bit hard to understand.


So that's my question.

Is the BrE more hard to understand than the AmE, or I felt that because I didn't get used to listen that accent?


Sorry for any grammar mistakes :)



I didn't realize the "u" lacking in the word "trouble" in the title, sorry.

You have to listen more british English to settle down your ear . Approximately 3 months at least , you might get familiar with British English . British English is harder than American English to my knowledge .


As a native English speaker I can understand both ,but I understand how it could confuse a new learner You are probably more familiar with the American accent. I just listened to some of level three and the woman speaking is British. I think if you learn one or the other at some point you will understand both. Another thing to notice is that British English and American English use different spellings sometimes like color vs colour.

Same here. I always feel that British accent is hard to understand. So I perfer American English.

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